Up we go, we start training

We’re fortunate to have some of the country’s most challenging and beautiful mountain trails right in our backyard, and they will play a big role in getting us ready for our trip.
This weekend, we will do a double hike – Welsh/Dickey Mountain on Saturday, then Mt. Moriah on Sunday.
Welsh/Dickey is a beautiful starter hike that encompasses a double 2,000 foot peak with great views of the Waterville Valley. We’ll be taking a couple newbies up and wanted to pick a nice gentle hike with lots of scenery.
Moriah is a different story. Meena only has about a dozen 4,000 footers left on her list and this is one of them. At about 10 miles and a semi-exposed ridge walk along part of the A.T., this will be a nice challenge and a great early season hike before the snows come.
We’ll update as we get closer and be back with some pictures.
Here’s a link to some information about Mt. Moriah:

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2 Responses to Up we go, we start training

  1. PeterNoonanA says:

    Do I get a complimentary travel mug for reading this blog?? 😉

  2. You get a rock from Everest! (Or a reasonable facsimile from someplace sort of close by!) Thanks for joining Peter!

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