Great weather, great views!

The Southern Presidential Range from Mt. Moriah. Mt. Washington is far left.

What a fantastic weekend – we’ve never seen weather so clear and beautiful in the Whites at this time of year! Success on both days. We hauled our friends up Welsh/Dickey, got them down sore but in one piece then headed up to Whitefield for some grilled cheese sandwiches and Family Guy. Then on Sunday, Meena and I motored up Mt. Moriah, a 4,049-foot beauty near Gorham that she needed toward her 4,000 footer list. That was #36 for Meena by the way. It was a long hike, about 10 miles, and we finished just as it was getting dark. No snow, but plenty of ice on the north side ledges that slowed us down a little.
Moriah is a special mountain. Great views on the ledges on the way up, then a maddening series of ups and downs along the ridge in tree cover until the magnificent summit – a huge rock mound that juts up above the trees and gives nearly 360-degree views. And it was so warm up top, in the sun, that we spent nearly a half hour basking like lizards on the rocks. Only saw two other hikers the whole day. Just a great start to our winter season!

The team moves off the summit of Welsh Mt. and into the col toward Dickey Mt.

The slick ledges of Dickey Mt. shine in November sun.

The team moves carefully down the slabs.

Life is good – soaking up the sun on the summit of Mt. Moriah.

Views across the valley were some of the best we’d ever seen for this time of the year.

Looking back at our decent route – the trail dropped down from the southern cliff shoulder of Mt. Moriah.

Next up, we’re going to Buffalo for Thanksgiving to visit Dan’s family. On Thursday, we’ll run in the annual 5 mile Turkey Trot, a Buffalo YMCA-sponsored race that’s been on-going for over a hundred years. Last year nearly 14,000 people ran the thing, this year they’re expecting more. We’ll have pictures and updates as they come! Till then, here’s a link to the Turkey Trot page:

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