Happy T-Day!

Street patrol! Hey you kids, stay off my street!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We would have wished you all a happy T-Day yesterday if not for the fact that we were basically continuously fed from 4 p.m. to midnight by such a variety of sugars, starches and carbs that we could barely move, to say nothing of checking emails or getting our fingers to actually type words. We think there was pretty much some kind of whole pie for everyone. We are fortunate and thankful indeed.
At an rate, we had a set back at the Turkey Trot as they cut off same day registration due to the huge number of those participating and Meena was not able to run. Dan dragged his butt over the finish line in 54:57 – nearly a five minute improvement for him over last year so nothing to complain about there.
With 11,000 people running and perfect weather (cloudy but calm in the 40s) it was quite a sight to behold. Results can be found here: http://www.leonetiming.com/2009/Trot09.htm
Meena took some pics and we’ll try to get those up later tonight.
Tomorrow we sleep in and then we have a whole glorious evening of babysitting Dan’s nephews on tap! Then, home Sunday.
Here’s a couple pics. See you all back in Manch-Vegas!

The main pack comes ’round the bend in front of City Hall.

Buffalo on concrete.

Here’s a link to the Buffalo News photo page with many more photos of the race:

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