Of wet snow and limp Hippos

And so we start another holiday season in Manchester with our annual Christmas parade, a full three weeks before Christmas. That’s okay. It went well, big crowds despite our first full on snow storm. Not much of a storm actually, it just added to the holiday vibe!
The Hippo’s balloon was unhappy though. The wet snow and heavy air just made it limp and not so buoyant. Dan ended up being the clean up guy for the balloon – every block or so the hippo was tipped down and the wet snow had to be cleaned off its back and head to keep her in the air! It was wet and chilly work, but fun. The kids love that balloon, and the Hippo crew kept ’em excited by lead them in “Look out for the giant Hippo!” cheers!
Manchester Moves had a good showing as well – couple bike riders, skateboarders and razor riders to zip along with the parade. Meena was decked out in her full winter riding gear complete with face mask!
Here’s some pics from the parade:

The crew gets the hippo ready to go. That’s Charlene up front looking fabulous!

The Manchester Express Trolley is on the go with the Hippo close behind.

When hippos attack!

Hippo close-up.

The Manchester Moves crew gets ready to move out.

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