Dates are in, kind of

Well, the main question we’ve been asked so far is when the heck is all of this nuttiness going to happen. We finally have some answers, we think. Maybe.
Here’s what we think we might possibly know. Perhaps:

July 28-Aug. 1
Colorado acclimatization trip to Leadville, via Denver. Three days of high altitude hiking. Goals – Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive. Incidentally, if anyone wants to join in on that fun, let us know. We’d love to have a full team for this one.

Aug 26-29
Meet and greet with full families in Buffalo. This will be the first time both of our families will formally meet and we’ll have a BBQ at Dan’s sister’s. It’s also the 2-year Birthday party of Dan’s nephew Max!

Sept. 16-19
All who are hardy in body and a little nuts in the head are invited to join us atop Mt. Lafayette for the official ceremony on Saturday (weather permitting) and a picnic on Sunday at the Whitefield camp. Lafayette is the first 4,000-footer we climbed together and it will also mark the finish of Meena’s 4,000-footer challenge.

Oct. 5-26 (approx)
The official Kathmandu ceremony etc. will take place likely on the 8th and we’ll head to Lukla and our trek on the ninth.

There’s going to be lots in between and around those dates, but they are the big ones. And who knows what will change between now and then. Stay tuned!

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