Kinsman off, Bald on!

The snow-covered Southern Presidentials from near Dan’s camp in Whitefield. The pointy peak to the right is Owls Head.

Hey everyone,
Brutal cold and nasty winds this weekend caused us to scrap our plans to hike the Kinsmans. Instead, on Sunday, we did a quick gear test and winter warm up by scrambling up a small mountain near the Cannon ski area called Bald Mountain. At only 2,340 feet and less than a mile hike, this little gem is often overlooked, but in the kind of weather we had Sunday, it sure packed a punch!
Meena wanted to try her new L.L. Bean Gor-Tex shell which she picked up at a thrift store for a criminally low price the day before and both of us were itching for some cold weather scrambling. Boy did we get what we asked for!
With sustained winds easily in the 30-40 mile per hour range, that little summit became one heck of a challenge. The pictures just don’t do justice to the howling wind and how hard it was to even stand up at the summit. Temps up there with wind chill were easily in the -20 to -30 range. But the shell held up nicely and we managed to have a fun afternoon.

Nearing the summit, Meena needs to get low to keep on her feet.

Dan at the summit, holding on for dear life! That’s Franconia Notch off to the left.

Meena at the summit. Check out that sweet Gor-Tex shell.

Time to get out of there, Meena makes quick work of the decent.

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