Kearsarge gets closer, NYC first

Well, the NYD hike up Kearsarge is becoming more fleshed out. Looks like at least Peter and his friend Dan are interested. We’ve had some raised eyebrows from Rupa and Steve, but it’s still up in the air with them.
It’s too early to get a good weather forecast, but we drove out to the Kearsarge Mountain Road on Monday to check conditions. The road up is closed, but appears nicely packed with snowmobile tracks, so that route up seems fine. At 3.5 miles just to the parking area though it’s a little long compared to the north side access road which is 2.2 miles, so we’ll see. Sometime before New Year’s Day, we’ll try to get out there and check that route out.
In the meantime, we’ll head to NYC Thursday to visit Meena’s brother over Christmas. Dan is parting with his microwave, which weighs about a 1,000 pounds and is likely the equivelent of having an industrial x-ray machine in one’s kitchen, but Meena’s brother needs it so off it goes!
With luck, our friends Peter and Bob will join us on Saturday for a museum day and to check out Rockefeller Center. Then, depending on traffic and how we feel in the morning we’ll scoot back to Londonderry, NH in time for the Millennium Mile race on Sunday. Always busy!

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