Flu wins…

Well, perhaps it was the two inches of brown water on the bathroom floor at the Jackson Heights grocery, or maybe it was chilly driving rain while waiting in line at the Gugg. Either way, the flu bug, which has turned into a sore throat and chest thing, is not something to be messed with. There’s no way Dan can reasonable hike on New Year’s Day, at least not without hacking up, well, you get the unpleasant picture. Weather wise, who the heck knows – some snow is predicted. Could be a couple inches, could be a blizzard! This storm seems to have further befuddled the normally befuddled weathermen state-wide. At any rate, if any of you were planning on romping with us and still want to, let us know and we can give you all the intell you’d need to make it a great day. Temps are supposed to be pretty decent, with or without the snow! Otherwise, have a great New Year Day, and let’s get to 2010 already! We’ll be back soon with some pics from New York, some new slide show software Dan is untangling and a hike for January.
In the meantime, just to prove that New York wasn’t just about dirty bathrooms and murderous traffic, here’s a pic of our newest favorite art house theatre, the IFC Center. (Become a friend on Facebook.) Also, here’s a picture of the bread Sandeep baked for us, which Dan is currently melting a slab of Munster cheese over in the toaster over. Hmmmm

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2 Responses to Flu wins…

  1. Peter Noonan says:

    Love the inclusion of the IFC theatre (note the spelling) 😉 into a 'new favorites' list. And yes, a couple of blog subcategorieson 'food' and 'cinema' would be wondeful. Great S'Deep bread pics!

  2. Ah Peter, my fellow Sentry of Snobby Certitude, do you not think I'd look such a thing up!
    And yes, bro's bread is terrific. He should open a bakery or something, ahem, Sandeep?

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