Happy Moo Year!

Moo goes the cow.

Ok, fine, that title is just a little inside joke for anyone who lives in Manchester.
On Sunday, after feeling the dulling effects of too much soup and meds, Dan took an urban hike in our backyard up and back the Piscataquag River Trail, round trip of less than two miles. It’s a pedestrian only trail, recently completed, that hooks Goffstown up to the north with the Hands Over the Merrimack Bridge in Manchester and the baseball stadium. It ends at the cow sculpture, ergo, the moo.
Anyway, it felt great to get outside and get those snowshoes on. Put the word out to a whole crew, but they are slackers every one. I’m talkin’ to you Anu! May have had something to do with some kind of a, how do you say it, Patriots game? Not sure. Here’s some pics.

Ah, snowy peace and quiet right downtown. It’s a shame more don’t know about this trail.

The trail meanders near the Piscataguog River and some farm houses on the other side.

The cow stands beefy guard at the east side entrance to the bridge over the Merrimack.

Oh and a big thank you to all our new followers and folks that have hit us from Facebook. Dan’s sister tagged us, and you know, she actually has friends so suddenly we’re bringing lots more gifts home from Nepal. That’s great! Remember, feel free to put your pictures up there, and send us shots of good Pics of the Week you might have.

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