Going stir crazy, need sun and snow

Massive views from near the summit of North Kinsman

Time to bag a peak before we go nuts. This weekend it’ll be either Cabot or North and South Kinsman, depending on weather, etc. Meena needs both and Dan just need to get his feet into crampons. The past month has been a whirlwind of holidays, flu or moving/wedding prep and we’ve neglected our training something awful. It’s time to feel some burn.
On another note, some people have asked us about that picture at the top of the blog. It’s the two of us at the summit of Mt. Pierce in January 2009. We went up with our friend Peter for a dicey, low visibility summit that proved both beautiful and a learning experience. There’s nothing as terrifying as seeing an (ill-prepared) hiker in front of you literally running back down with his nose the color and texture of marble from frostbite. Well, we made it despite a 20 minute adrenaline-fueled scramble where a white out obliterated the trail behind us. In the end, some marvelous pictures and a lesson learned – Dan should have taken a compass bearing BEFORE making that right to the summit!
We are also trying out Phanfare as a new photo data base. Here’s the link to the main album. Click on slideshow and make sure your volume is turned up. Let us know what you think.

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