Crawford Notch portfolio

Mt. Washington from Marshfield Station

A busted snowshoe buckle on the rentals a half mile into the Ethan Pond Trail was just the final straw of a weekend of things gone wrong that sent me back to the car on Saturday. The night before, after realizing I left my snowshoes home and renting what turned out to be a crappy pair, I went to camp only to discover frozen pipes. Three hours and a brand new space heater later, the water was running, but it all should have added up to the realization that the mountain Gods just didn’t want me up there that weekend.
Oh well, a busted buckle gave me the opportunity to spend the afternoon of a beautiful clear day tooling around Crawford Notch. The result? Check out the portfolio here:

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2 Responses to Crawford Notch portfolio

  1. Peter Noonan says:

    Despite the setbacks, stiil a glorious beatuful winter day in NH. We will plan our mutual trek soon. Yes, please. 😉

  2. Looking forward to it… we need to get into the snow soon!

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