WOODn’t it be nice?

WOODn’t it be nice if the new floors were already installed and we were all moved in and the place wasn’t a disaster? Forget hiking or running. Try installing wood floors. Oh the pain! Literally! Still they ought to look nice when we finish. And big thanks to help from Anu the Iron Woman and Bob, who is to wood what Wayne Gretzky is to hockey, for figuring out all those corners. With luck and if our backs and knees hold out it all ought to be done by Sunday!

Ok, blog-boy, drop the camera and start hammering!

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2 Responses to WOODn’t it be nice?

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow, great job. I'm glad you're becoming a home improvement expert. We'll need your experience when you visit 😉
    They floors look like they'll be beautiful!

  2. Thanks kid! But my experience extends basically to bending over and hammering nails! It will look really nice when it's all done though. You have some flooring that needs to be installed soon, do you?

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