Two tea pots on one stove

It’s done! The moving part of the move, at least, is finished. After several weeks of cleaning, moving, boxing, cleaning some more, throwing our hands up in frustration and laughter, it is all here, unbroken (mostly). The rest will come slowly, and in less of a frenzy. We’re excited and utterly exhausted! The first part of our year long plan is complete.
Big thank you to all those who helped us install floors, pack, move boxes or wisely stay out of our way during this nutty past few weeks.
Also, thank goodness for the Olympics which distracted us during our periods of being the most fed up and tired.
We are both so deeply infected with cabin fever it’s driving us batty! And while all the crazy warm weather helped us in our move, the lack of snow has been a real downer this year in our overall snowshoe plans. Sorry Mid-Atlantic, no sympathy here.
So, this Saturday we are getting the heck out of town and hiking… something… someplace… anyplace. We haven’t figured out what yet. Return to Kearsarge, again, and see if we can finally get up there this year? Head south and run up the Packs? Maybe get to Sunapee or the Lakes Region? We’ll let you know.
In the meantime, for all you hikers out there, sorry about the endless wood floor posts. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming this weekend.

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