Kearsarge gives us great day!

Meena explores the summit of Mt. Kearsarge on a beautiful spring-like February day.

It was nearly 40 degrees at the trailhead, with a slushy mix of ice pack and soft snow for nearly the entire 4 miles to the summit. But, the wind at the summit was holwing, and out came the heavy downs.
What a super 8-mile round trip – up the Kearsarge Road which we shared Saturday with about a dozen other hikers and half dozen snowmobilers. Views were long and clear in every direction.
The Kearsarge Road is a nice level 4.5 mile hike with a couple great viewpoints and nice views all around higher up. Snow was only a couple inches of hard pack. Some areas were bare down to the pavement.
Once up to the parking area, the final half mile was a pretty dug out trench thanks to some crazy snowmobilers who managed to get their machines up over the many rocks and ledges.
We took a break right under tree line, switched to our downs and headed up to tag the summit in wicked high winds. Beautiful 360 degree views awaited us – a good 50 miles in every direction. After about 20 minutes of exploring the summit, down we went, back at the car in about 90 minutes.
After the last month and a half, it was great to get outside with each other. It’s the beginning of our real training. Now that we’re moved in and somewhat settled, our focus – both mental and physical – must return to getting ready for Nepal.

The full portfolio of our climb can be found here:

The summit tower at the summit dwarfs Meena.

Clear views for miles around.

Dan’s got the whole world in his hands!

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3 Responses to Kearsarge gives us great day!

  1. Peter says:

    wonderful pics! (hike or snowshoe up?)

  2. We used Stabilicers, but really except for some ice near the top we could have bare-booted the whole thing. Snowshoes would have been overkill. Unreal for mid-February.

  3. Hiking says:

    Really wonderful pictures.

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