Is it meat or is it fish?

Well, the description on the package says it’s Hot Peppered Beef Jerky, but we’re not sure if the makers really know what beef jerky is. We took a new snack with us on our Kearsarge hike, Formosa Brand beef jerky, and were were glad we also had our Cumby Cheese Sticks because the jerky was pretty much uneatable. We picked it up at a local Asian foods grocery, though it’s apparently made in California.
It’s really only jerky vaguely, like it’s the IDEA of jerky. It tastes more like wet beef-fish with pepper flakes. On a couple bites it was hard to discern any taste because all that comes up is the pepper. Ugh, if even a day of hard hiking fails to make this snack tasty, we suggest crossing it off your list.

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