First test for StickPic

Dan took the StickPic up to camp in Whitefield over the weekend for a quick test, and it’s not bad. Basically, the StickPic is a small, lightweight plastic ring that slips over the tip of a hiking pole. A screw at the top allows a camera to be mounted at the end of the pole. It’s a simple device, but very smart as it allows for a solo shot with a full background behind the picture taker. No more need to find a rock or tree to set up a camera on. The picture at the top was take with the device. The picture below was Dan’s first attempt, which was messed up because the StickPic wasn’t tight enough on the pole and it swung the camera upside down just as the picture was taken. Practice, practice!
Questions remain of course, like how easy will it be to use the StickPic at the summit of Kala Patthar in bad weather, with heavy gloves, with icy sticks. We’ll try to answer all those questions in the weeks to come. In the meantime, Dan also did a little documentary video thing with the StickPic and we’ll post a link to that later.

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