New month, new image, time marches on!

Well, it’s a new month, and that means a new image for Expedition Kala Patthar. This month, it’s a shot of Meena exploring the summit of Mt. Kearsarge on a hike we took a couple weeks ago. Trip report is in the archives and you can check out our Phanfare page for more pics.
Hard to beleive it’s March already! Big thanks to everyone who has had the time and energy to stop by and keep track of what we’re up to. And thank you so much to all our followers! We will all bring you back something, we promise. A reminder though to those who signed up as followers – let us know who you are and where you are so we have someplace to send gifts to when we get back! We’d love to hear from you! Dan does send welcome emails out to everyone, but don’t forget your follower settings have to be set to receive such things. Tell your friends to follow too!
Anyway, upcoming adventures will include the final winter hikes of the season on March 13 and March 20. A Marathon Relay in Buffalo in May. Our big June summer solstice mountain adventure. And then the Rockies in July. Stay tuned!

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