Solo video walk through camp with StickPic

As promised, here’s the first video Dan did using the StickPic. Simple to use, easy to negotiate (though if you use your walking stick for the camera, you can’t use it to walk through snow!). A great first test! Tell us what you think, cool or weird?

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3 Responses to Solo video walk through camp with StickPic

  1. Looks like a great piece of kit and the results are really good. Sounds a great experience too I'm sure you will have an absolute blast. Hope the filming goes well, will be great to look back on at a later stage.

  2. Thanks Dude!
    And thanks for becoming a follower! Yeah, it's not bad, easy to use anyway – we'll see how easy it is on a summit in bad weather but those tests will come later.
    And yes, we are really looking forward to Nepal and all the training and adventures that will come before hand as well!

  3. I reckon it will probably work pretty well. Just whether the camera battery will survive the rigours of nasty weather and whether your energy and fatigue wont stop you from using it when you're up in the clouds on Everest. Either way though it really would be the best souvenir to bring home for sure – I mean you just can't buy that.

    Good luck with it all!

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