Welcome back Carter Dome

Where were you on June 20, 1999? Well, Dan was at the summit of Carter Dome, at the time only number 6 on his 48 list! Dan and Meena had not yet even met!
Well, on Saturday, Dan will return, this time with Meena as she begins the home stretch of her 48 list. With only about a dozen summits to go, Meena will try to finish the list by August 10. Why that date? Because Aug. 10 will be the 8 year anniversary of her first 4,000 footer, Mt. Lafayette.
Incidentally, Dan is only five 4,000 footers away from his 100th. So, a big celebration that will be!
Anyway, lots of numbers, but such is the life of two peak-baggers!
On Saturday, March 20, we’ll hit the Nine-Mile Brook Trail off Route 16 at 8:30. Wanna come? Bring your gear and lets enjoy the final day of winter!
Although it would be highly amusing if the Carter Range was actually called the Kotter Range, to be fair, the Carters were actually named after Dr. Ezra Carter a Concord physician who spend a lot of time in the Whites in the early 1800s searching for medicinal herbs. I think there might be a Sweathog Mtn. someplace, though.

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2 Responses to Welcome back Carter Dome

  1. anniem says:

    In June of '99 I was living in a tent with my guard cat Pee Wee. Congrats on all the goals met… That list of numbers alone is enough to make me dizzy!

  2. Seems like a lifetime ago! That's a great name for a cat by the way, do you have a picture? Do you still have that tent 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

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