Bizarre Snacks – Installment 1: Comrade Candy

Each Thursday, just in time for your weekend enjoyment, we will feature a new, entirely bizarre trail snack to review. This should be pretty easy to do as one of Meena’s unsung superpowers is tracking down “snacks” that are, er, let’s just say difficult to find at your local Rite Aid and leave it at that. In fact, it’s just better to not even ask where she manages to find this stuff.
For today’s installment of Bizarre Snacks, we present the chocolate glazed candy known in Belarus as “Birch w/ Praline Filling.” This delightful treat comes from our friends over at the Kommunarka Confectionary Company in Minsk. Yes, it’s a real company, and it’s been producing, ah, candies, since 1931.
Here’s how the company’s website describes the Birch w/ Praline Filling candy:

Ingredients: granulated sugar, chocolate glaze (granulated sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier lecithin /E322/, flavour identical to natural “Vanilla”), confectionary fat, waffle, roasted grain mass, cocoa powder, emulsifier lecithin /E322/, flavours identical to natural “Coffee”.
Energy value: 539 kcal
Shelf life: 9 months

Now with flavors “identical” to both vanilla and coffee, not to mention “waffle” (what the heck does that mean?) you’d think this little treat would be a sugary time bomb. It actually tastes more like a coffee Kit Kat Bar, but if it were made with cooking cocoa. Also, the government run supermarket appears to have been out of sugar that day. Considering the candy’s pedigree it’s actually not that bad, though the chocolate glaze would likely melt pretty quick in hot weather on the trail. Also, we really missed the praline part, unless… maybe waffle is Belarus for praline?
Here’s a web capture of a worker in the “candy line” at the company making what appears to be our Birch w/ Praline Filling candies!

Anyway, you must check out the Kommunarka Confectionary Company web site:

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2 Responses to Bizarre Snacks – Installment 1: Comrade Candy

  1. Andrea says:

    Are you sure this was marketed as a “trail” snack? LOL. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Well, hey, what is a “trail” snack anyway? We figure that after being on the trail for 10 hours, pretty much any food will taste good. We're just trying to test that theory 🙂

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