An epic April on the Flume

What could be better over Easter then reveling in the wonder of nature! And what a wonderful day it was. Mt. Flume called over the weekend, and we answered with a mighty, epic 11 mile hike to its summit. Lincoln Woods was warm and clear of snow, as was about half the Osseo Trail. The spring time fungus was out too, check out the fungus civilization to the left!
The ladders about a mile from the summit were tricky, but nothing snow shoes couldn’t handle. The real trick came with a tenth of a mile to go, along a cliff side climb that tested our resolve, ability to navigate icy, soupy snow and a spruce trap minefield right under the summit. One step at a time was the way to go. Snowshoes didn’t help up there, in fact they became dangerous since we needed to kick out every step along the slippery cliff trail.
But the weather was perfect and in no time we enjoyed the summit alone. Not another soul on this trip, and a 60+ degree summit which we enjoyed and ate lunch on for nearly an hour. Our new picture, above, for the blog gives you a good idea of how tricky the summit cliff was, and how beautiful.
Even with the extended summit stay, the hike took us about 9 hours. Not bad, and the kind of long-ish day hike we’ll need to begin taking as we get closer to Nepal.
Our full album in all its glory is up as well, you can check it out here:  

Better not be afraid of heights up here! Meena on her summit approach.

Looking straight down the cliffs into the Flume valley from near the summit.

At the summit, we are visited by a strange fly/bee mutant. What the heck is that thing anyway?
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4 Responses to An epic April on the Flume

  1. anniem says:

    Happy Easter – Yeah mushrooms!

  2. Hi Annie,
    Yeah we thought you'd like that! Any idea what kind of shrooms those are? If anybody would know, it would be you!

  3. Miriam says:

    #1 – I love taking pictures of mushrooms too. It's a strange fascination

    #2 – I commend you for hiking in April. I hate mashed potato snow and postholing and being all muddy and wet. I love flume. And I don't know that I've ever been there when I've had a view 😉

  4. Yup, everybody loves the mushrooms! It's tough up there right now, but the weather has been so warm, we can't imagine the monorails hanging around much past mid-April, except for the Presis.

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