Americana in the parking lot

Well, it’s been a busy weekend for us – a Saturday afternoon spent atop Bald Mountain trying to shoot the perfect picture of Mt. Lafayette, a wonderful house dinner with friends in the evening and our first 5K race of the season in Nashua. Pictures are up, as always, at
The highlight of the weekend, however, came in the unlikeliest of places, in this case the ratty parking lot of a beaten down mall. The carnival slumped into down on broken down pick ups and rust bitten trailers, and set up shop in the parking lot of the Bedford Mall on the outskirts of town, and a perfectly setting sun provided us with an hour or so of colors and lights and cotton candy and broken bulbs.
Who said this only happens in corn country? There is something frightening and magical at the same time about an old, beat down carnival suddenly springing up in a cracked up parking lot. You come around a turn along a highway strip of box stores and run straight into turn-of-the-century America. We loved it!
Check out our album of this weird wonderful place here:

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2 Responses to Americana in the parking lot

  1. Miriam says:

    Why did all the kids in the fun run for the 5k have #1 as a race number?

    I like the pictures from the carnival. Those things seriously scare me. When I was little my mom brought us to one and the ride operator started it while she was still securing my little brother in the car. It dragged her around until he noticed her. She was really bruised and I will never go near one of those rides again 😛

  2. Oh jeez Miriam, that is terrifying! I can see why you'd be scared after that! Yeah, I'm sure city safety officials all have anxiety attacks every time one of these things rolls into a town.

    The kids all had #1 because they are all #1! Yeah, kid power! Get it?

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