Massive Pemi hike this weekend!

Time to get some miles under our boots. To avoid the higher rotting snow and monorails, M and D will embark on a day long hike through the Pemi Wilderness Valley on Saturday. The hike will begin at 8 a.m. at the Nancy Brook Trailhead off 302 in Crawford Notch. This hike will take us by Nancy and Norcross Ponds, deep into the Pemi, where we will have lunch at Stillwater Junction, one of the trailed areas in the Whites that is farthest from any road, over 8 miles! We’ll continue on to meet up with some old railroad logging trails which will eventually pop us out on the Wilderness Trail where will follow the Pemi River all the way back to Lincoln Woods.
This has been a hike that’s been on our minds for quite a while, as the Nancy Pond Scenic Area is supposed to be beautiful. Total mileage, 17 and change – let’s do some hiking! Who’s with us?

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