Bizarre Snacks: Bacon. Maple Frosting. Doughnut. Chocolate?

The doughnut stick to end all doughnut sticks!

Sometimes, all that’s bad for you, and all that tastes good, meet at the intersection of fate. In our case, fate is a tiny bakery/coffee shop called St. Joe’s Coffee in York, Maine where Dan – while innocently trying to purchase a standard cup of java – came across a taste sensation too explosive to resist. No man or woman could resist.
It’s a homemade doughnut stick. Made fresh that morning. It’s glazed with a maple sugar frosting. It has a strip of bacon on it. Dear heaven!
Yes, yes, we know, a doughnut is hardly a “bizarre” snack. In fact, it’s not much of a trail snack at all, in terms of freshness and portability. We don’t care. Didn’t you read what we just said. Doughnut. Maple Sugar Frosting. Bacon.
Owner Jason Miller has been pushing these little babies since last August, and he currently only makes about a half dozen of this specialty item a day. With beach season right around the corner that may change.
Finally, Jason is experimenting with dipping the whole concoction in chocolate. That taste must be like what astronauts feel when seeing Earth from space!
Honestly, Dan did not even bother asking about the ingredients in the St. Joe’s Maple Frosted Bacon Stick. Really, if you’re going to eat one of these, you know what you’re getting. And no, Jason is not a cardiologist in his spare time, though he suggested that finding a way to get kick backs from a hospital might be the way to go.
So, we did a little research on this amazing doughnut, and it turns out it’s not uncommon. There are bakeries, mostly in the U.S. ’cause we love our bacon here, that carry various versions of the maple bacon pastry. There’s a Wiki entry on it, and a Facebook fan site dedicated to this taste. It’s part of a movement known as Baconmania!
As near as we can tell, however, it’s not mass produced so every bakery can lay claim that it’s the ONLY one in the world that sells it! Some of those bakeries do ship their products, so you can go that route, but we can’t imagine it would taste as good if not fresh.
Speaking of taste – there’s not a lot of subtlety here. The doughnuts are baked that morning, sweet and soft on the inside with the right amount of crunch to the shell. The maple sugar frosting is liberally applied but not so much to ooze when bitten into. The bacon is one thick cooked strip, patted down of excess grease and laid gently onto the bed of frosting while the frosting is still sticky, so the bacon is pretty well adhered to the doughnut. It is what it is, and when those three separate items are cooked to perfection, then mixed together, the results are wonderful.
Now, since this something of a hiking blog, suppose you wanted to take this snack with you. We recommend slicing it into bite size morsels, like sushi pieces. Be sure to use a sharp knife to prevent crumbling, then bag the pieces in a Zip-Lock and refrigerate the night before. That ought to keep the doughnut fresh enough for a day hike anyway. If it’s a hot day, that glaze is going to melt though, and there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do after that but lick your fingers. May not be that bad.

The bacon maple sugar frosting doughnut stick, ready to be bagged for the trail. Mouth watering yet? Check out the other delectables at the St. Joe’s Coffee website here:

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3 Responses to Bizarre Snacks: Bacon. Maple Frosting. Doughnut. Chocolate?

  1. Miriam says:

    Oh boy, the joys of Bacon! Still not sure I would be overjoyed about mixing bacon and donut together though.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yikes, I'm not entirely grossed out. I can imagine that Maple flavor and Bacon go well togther but that is just way too many fat and calories to make it worthwhile in my book!

  3. Miriam and Andrea – that's what we thought too! And you're right, but the taste was wonderful. Even Meena's eyes lit up after the first bite! Eat these guys everyday and you'd be in trouble, but as a special treat or on the trail when your looking for fast calories, it sure beats granola bars.

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