That was a tough half mile!

Wasn’t going to happen this weekend – our carefully thought out and much anticipated Nancy Cascades / Pemi Traverse ended up being one of the most difficult half miles we’ve ever hiked. Rotting snow concealed dangerous ice underneath, and we were unable to get much higher up the cascades than the second waterfall. It was very slow going getting back down the half mile of the cascade section to dry trail, each step needed to be dug out. Adding to the fun was a horrible mess of blowdowns everywhere. We were sometimes faced with having to get over a two foot trunk, on ice, on a 45 degree slope at the same time. Not fun. So our 18 miles epic journey ended up being a 5-mile dirty snow slog.
But the day was far from a bust. We saw moose and bats, explored the old Lucy Mill and just the lower Cascades are a worthwhile hike.
We’ll have pics up on our Phanfare site soon!

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