The food we really carry on hikes

Since our weekly Bizarre Snacks segment debuted a few weeks ago, some readers have asked us if we really take that food up with us on the trail as our typical snack food. The answer is… sometimes! It depends on the hike, the weather and what we’re planning. The chocolate is great for a quick sugar fix, but only in the winter when it can’t melt. The tuna is always a great protein boost. Canned coffee? Well… we have been known to leave canned beverages in a steam along side the trail for a wonderful refreshing drink when we get back down.
We thought the best way to explain would be to show you. The following is a picture of all the food we would have need for a full day hike across the Pemi. Couple PB&Js for lunch, a combination of trail mix, sausage, cheese, fruit and sweets for snacks and dehydrated curry for dinner (just add water heated up with the Jet Boil). We also both carry a couple Cliff Bars for emergencies.
It’s a good mix for us that’s been tested over past trips. Not gourmet, but it gets us through happily.

Dan has an obsession with Minute Maid Lemonade juice boxes as a trail beverage. Otherwise, here’s a typical (non-winter) full day of food for two on the trail.

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2 Responses to The food we really carry on hikes

  1. Gos says:

    What about V8? I think you two need an easy way to get your veggies.

  2. Excellent point, and we both love V8, very salty! The trouble is that it's great cold, not so good warm đŸ˜¦

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