Meatless jerky? Primal Spirit Foods thinks so

EKP received an email the other day from the good folks over at Primal Spirit Foods wanting to know if we’d like to sample their line of Meatless Vegan Jerky. Free samples? Did they even have to ask? Nothing comes close to good jerky on a hike in terms of salt, protein and being able to survive any conditions. Dan and Meenakshi have tried them all, or thought they had, until Primal Spirit came a callin’. Now, while the prospect of meatless jerky seems a bit odd to us, it still is jerky after all.
So we got a huge batch of the stuff yesterday, six different flavors from Thai Peanut to Texas BBQ to Hickory Smoked, and we can’t wait to dig in! Look for a major review of Primal Spirit Foods in the weeks ahead. Until then, if you’d like to check out their website, it’s here:

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