Bizarre Foods: Meet Our Nuts!

Oh man, we get excited about weeks like this. Take a well known snack – in this case roasted and salted peas – and surround them with a truly magnificent marketing campaign and you have a Bizarre Snacks to remember.
This week, let’s begin with the product first. Roasting things just make them better. It’s science, look it up! In this case, you take peas, add plenty of salt, roast. Drop it in a bag, sell it for $2.49 for about two cups worth and you have one of the more standard and delicious trail snacks around.
Salt? Check. No trans fat? Check. Easily transportable container? Check. You can’t go wrong with this snack in general.
Now, you might be asking yourself, why the heck is the title of this week’s installment, Meet Our Nuts. Peas aren’t nuts are they? Yes, yes, they are if you work at Al Kazzi in Lebanon. This wonderful family owned business in Beirut has been making roasted nuts since 1979, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will persuade them that peas are not nuts. It says so right on their packaging. Nuts. The end.
Anyway, they are some tasty nuts, er, peas, oh whatever!
And what’s even better is that these nuts belong to Mr. Joseph Al Kazzi, the founder. Here’s a great shot of him at his desk. We are proud to declare that we love Mr. Al Kazzi’s nuts!

Mr. Al Kazzi at his desk in a screen grab from the spectacular Al Kazzi website. It truly is a brilliant flash site. They even have a Scoobie van. Really. Go look here:

Now, Al Kazzi makes all sorts of nut snacks and their web site even has a five minute branding commercial of, apparently, a young Lebanese Indiana Jones being told the story of Al Kazzi by a wizened old, er accountant, intercut with shots, presumably, of the laboratory where peas are turned into nuts! Again, it is worth watching!
Oh and this is a healthy product, darn it! Al Kazzi is very proud of the 0 trans fat thing. It’s mentioned over and over. And here’s the best line of the site:
“Moreover, there are good news that is worth knowing: Nuts are a good source of proteins and comprise essential amino-acids needed but not produced by our organism, in addition to fibres and some vitamins (Vitamin E, Vitamin B…), minerals (Magnesium, Potassium…), which have an important role in our health safety by protecting from several diseases: cardiovascular diseases, in addition to other dangerous illnesses like cancer (colon, prostate…) and others, moreover they are essential for the digestive and nervous systems and also for delaying old age symptoms and fighting depression.”
We think they are saying that eating their nuts will stem old age, cure cancer and make you happy. Who knows, but just reading that sure makes us happy!
As for the Meet Our Nuts title? That’s the title of the section on their site where they introduce their nuts. We love, love, love Al Kazzi and their nuts. We will eat them forever, and you should too.

Al Kazzi’s quality nuts (peas).

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6 Responses to Bizarre Foods: Meet Our Nuts!

  1. I thought these were wasabi peas – they are a beaut! Can be a bit fiery to wolf them down but they are great up until the point where your nose feel like a burning inferno.

  2. Howdy Dude,
    Yeah we've had some of the wasabi style, and they will set you on fire. Great on a chilly day! These were just dry roasted and soaked in salt for what seemed like days.

  3. JimmyTH says:

    Love the wasabi peas but I don't think I've ever had these alternative peas. I've tried quite a few of the Asian nut snacks, many are a little weird like the preserved chestnuts you can get at an Asian grocery here. Kind of like pickled nuts, always too strange to really enjoy. There were some very unusual nuts/seeds I ate in Thailand that I really enjoyed, seeds of one of the local fruits that taste like delicious little potatoes when roasted, sadly I don't know what fruit they came from. Good practice in Asia is to try everything, most of it's good.

  4. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for the advice, yeah, we have a couple Asian groceries here as well and you usually can't go wrong. I did try some kind of jellyfish a while ago and it was too much for me. I think I was just attracted to the strange, happy cartoon fish on the package.

  5. anniem says:

    Oh, peas can I have some nuts too?

  6. Peas, nuts, it's all the same! Nuts to everyone!

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