LoopRope becomes EKP’s second major sponsor!

We use Bungee Cords a lot in our wanderings. We strap ’em uncomfortably to our packs to hold snowshoes, smelly socks, sweaty clothes we need to dry, water shoes, Stabilizers, etc. And nothing against Bungees, but you’re always adjusting them and usually in mortal terror of a snap back that’ll sting!
That’s why we were thrilled to discover LoopRoops, a bungee-like alternative that is basically a double cord, with loops to make tying off and binding much easier and safer. We were twice as thrilled to discover the good folks over at this Oregon-based company were willing to sponsor us.
We got a whole box of 3 and 4 foot lengths today and we can’t wait to get ’em on our packs and into the Whites. (Dan may even use them to tie down his lawn mower!)
Anyway, pop on over to our Sponsor and Supporter page and check out this product, and tell us what you think of it. Meanwhile, thanks LoopRoop for signing on!

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