A mixed bag last weekend

A gentle weekend to report on this time, as some home-based stuff kept Dan and Meena from anything too dramatic. While M was off at class, D ran his best time for an outdoor 5K at the Bedford Rotary on Saturday. (30:30, yipee!) After, he hauled butt up to Waterville Valley and topped Mt. Tecumseh for another 4,000 footer to add to his list.
Dry trails and warm weather made for a very pleasant hike, despite his aching legs!
Dan’s next official 4,000 footer will be his 100th! Stay tuned to see where that will be.
On the way, down, Dan cut over from the summit to the empty Waterville Valley ski area and hiked down the ski slopes. Much better views and the best of all, no skiers!
Here’s some shots!

Some kind of ventilation pipes near the top. Septic? HVAC? Who knows. Weird.

Waterville Valley panorama!

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3 Responses to A mixed bag last weekend

  1. These look a touch like the remains of a drag lift. I am probably way off the mark at that mind.

  2. Howdy Dude,
    Well, the chairs are a lift, do you mean the pipes? It's odd to see a ski area in the summer. Looks post-apocalyptic!

  3. Yeah the big pipes appear to be the remains of a chair or drag lift (we call them drag lifts or T-bars in the UK), as I say though I could be way off.

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