Team Energy becomes our third major sponsor!

Nothing has been more important to us as we train than staying hydrated. And why drink it out of the tap, when the generous chaps at Team Energy decided to sign on to our adventure by send us a case of Perfect bottled water! We have a bunch of bottles chilling in the fridge, another case in the store room ready to go, and more on the way if the Team Energy folks have their way.
Once more we’re so pleased, as Team Energy is actually a group of local business owners who know and support us. It’s nice to get this kind of encouragement and enthusiasm in our own backyard. Thanks guys!
If you’d like to learn more about Team Energy, pop over to our Sponsor and Supporter page and check them out:

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4 Responses to Team Energy becomes our third major sponsor!

  1. Awesome, great to see so many people getting behind you!

  2. Thanks Dude! We've been very lucky!

  3. Mary says:

    Oh gosh..I really want to like this, but I have this thing about bottled water. If everyone recycled their bottles I would feel better. Even then…maybe this company is different but a lot of bottled water really is municipal tap water. Feel free to ignore my environmentalist rant. I haven't checked out their page yet. When I was in Alaska I could not believe the carpet of plastic that covered otherwise pristine beaches. Enough to turn you off the stuff forever.

  4. Hi Mary,
    No problem, we totally get you! We are big users of our tap water as well, nothing wrong with that! And that, this whole bottled water fad is a little carried away. But these are local guys who we know and we want to support them just as much as they, us.
    We've also experienced how demoralizing it can be to be tramping through the mountains and come across empty plastic bottles! Yuck! We do try to at least lead by example and all those Perfect bottles will be recycled!

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