Buffalo Marathon Relay a boiling success!

Dan’s sister Andrea approaches the finish line as her team mate Charity runs out to greet her!

Team Dandrea 1 and 2 powered to the finish line with solid middle-of-the-pack credentials Saturday at the Buffalo Marathon Relay! The teams, anchored by Dan and his sister Andrea, made a good show of their first relay. Andrea’s team came in at 4:27:56 while Dan’s team finished about eight minutes later at 4:36:08.
The Buffalo Marathon is an open, mostly flat course that drives through pretty much every part of the city, from the waterfront to the grain mills, to the ghetto, to Olmstead’s Delaware Park and the upscale parkways. By 10 a.m. the temps were already in the 70s, and by the time the race finish, the mercury was into the 80s. The excitement and adrenaline made it bearable though!
Meena ran the first leg, 6.2 miles, while Dan anchored the final leg, 7.6 miles. It was the most either had run in an official race before, and both were happy with their time and how they felt after. Half marathon here we come!
The key to the longer races is pacing. Unlike a 5K, where everybody is just going all out, Dan found a comfortable pace and by about the 3 mile mark was cruising along without much pain or difficulty. And the community support helps. Tons of people lined the course, yelling encouragement, spraying runners with water and handing out Gatoraide! Made you feel pretty good!
Here’s a link to all our Buffalo Marathon photos for the day: http://danandmeenakshi.phanfare.com/4696719#imageID=101141423
This was a great way to begin the summer season. Now it’s time for D and M to buckle down and prepare for their Summer Solstice Presidential Range hike on June 26. It’s the marathon of New Hampshire hikes, and will be a great test of their long distance hiking legs.

 Dan gets close to the finish line!

 Team Dandrea 1 & 2 in a pre-race pose.

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2 Responses to Buffalo Marathon Relay a boiling success!

  1. Congratulations! I love the warmth, not so much when I'm running though! Well done

  2. Thanks Dude! Those pavement city races can get mighty hot!

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