Bizarre Snacks: Fish in a Tin!

Back to the tins! We love food in tins, mostly. Usually it’s light, the food is salty and high in calories. Tuna for example, or ham. (Not Vienna Sausage though, yuck!)
Anyway, after Meena forced Dan to eat the spicy Mexican lollipop last week, Dan decided to get revenge by choosing  Japanese saury as this week’s Bizarre Snack!
Kind of a cross between eel and sardines, the saury is a popular Pacific food in Japanese and Korean cuisine and is usually served grilled. In our case, we have the Nissui Corporation in Tokyo to thank for the wonder of canned saury. Nissui does fish – frozen, pate and canned. They do lots and lots of fish. We were actually kind of disappointed to discover their web site was professional, well written and contained some actual information about the company. Hey, it’s Japan, we kind of assumed there would be fish shaped brightly colored cartoon characters fighting each other. Of well. You can check out Nissui here:
Our tin held about 3.5 ounces and what appeared to be 4 fish, minus their heads and tails. Also, like most tinned food, the fat content (200) nearly equaled the total calories (230) but that’s typical. Our saury was served with molasses and soy sauce.
Here’s the thing. Dan loves fish. Loves them. He could eat fish all day and all night. Grilled, canned, sushi, it makes no matter. It was pretty much a given that Dan would like the saury, and he did. The texture was much like grilled eel, and the soy sauce gave it a tangy, salted taste. The fish itself had a darker smokier taste than the sweetness of some sardines.
Filling in for Meena this week is the cat. Why? Because from the moment we cracked open the tin, the cat went bananas. The saury must be like high cuisine or something, because it looked ready to fight for some. Well, needless to say, we gave her a whole plate full and it was devoured in about 4 seconds.
So, thumbs up from Dan and the cat.
Not everybody likes carrying tins around, but they preserve the food in all conditions, it’s light and its high in calories. Remember, to carry it out though. Otherwise, enjoy!

The cat digs in!

 The colorful saury tin.

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2 Responses to Bizarre Snacks: Fish in a Tin!

  1. Miriam says:

    I too love tin cans with protein in them when I'm backpacking. I used to devour tuna at the end of a long day. I've recently developed an appreciation for sardines and after this blog post I'm now craving it. Probably as much as the cat is 😉

  2. Hi Miriam!
    Yeah, we found this one down at H Mart in Mass. I think it's around Burlington, a huge Asian Supermarket. great stuff, I'll send you the address.

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