It’s off to Isolation for M’s 41st

Big plans for Sunday as we will take a crew on a long day hike to Mt. Isolation, in an attempt to bag Meenakshi’s #41 on her list.
As the name implies, Mt. Isolation, at only 4,003 feet is one of the more difficult 4,000 footers to hike as the closest trail head is 7.5 miles from its summit. We’ll take a big crew – Neil, Mike, Marianne and Ruby the dog – up Davis Path for a car to car attempt at this peak. If weather is good, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the Whites. If weather is bad, well, we’ll try to stay positive.
Anyway, we’ll be away for a couple days and back with a report on Monday. In the meantime, a contest. Vote below for who is the biggest dork!

Is Meenakshi, shown above on a Segway a bigger dork than Dan, shown below, at a festival in full rain gear and Fanta? You make the call!
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4 Responses to It’s off to Isolation for M’s 41st

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry, but Dan's the bigger dork! The pants tucked into the boots tip it over the edge. However, this vote is from someone whose nickname is “Queen Mama Dork”. Which means either I know my dorks, or I am so much of a dork that my judgment is possibly off. Have a great hike, dorks!

  2. Alas, Mary, that seems to be he general consensus! I shall unfurl my Dork banner proudly!

  3. Alan R says:

    If it's ok i would like to add my comment:- I agree. Dan you have won my vote!—Alan

  4. Thanks Alan! Wonder what I win!

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