Mt. Isolation is true to its name

Yo, yo, yo, we’re at the summit! Neil, Meena and Marianne ham it up as Mt. Washington looks on! 

Wet. Wet and muddy. Wet and muddy and long. Welcome to Mt. Isolation!
Meenakshi bagged #41 and a great time was had by the team as we slogged, fought and cursed our way to the summit of one of New Hampshire’s, well, most isolated 4,000 footers Sunday. 
Despite the dire warnings by New England’s so-called weather reporters, the day was hot, humid and mostly clear as we started off up the Rocky Branch Trail at 7 a.m. The original plan was to do a through hike from the Davis Path, then down the Rocky Branch but the weather reports were so sure of thunderstorms, we scrapped that idea and did an up and back figuring we’d be better off below tree line. Well, even though the weather was great the team got its fair share of wet as the lower half of the Rocky Branch was a literal swamp sog. As Neil put it, it was like bushwhacking through the Brazilian rain forest – mud, in between rock hopping, then more mud, then a half dozen river crossings, then more mud on the Isolation Trail.
The pay off though? Crystal clear views of the Presidentials, a magnificent southern view of Mt. Washington and a fine half hour on the summit with near 360 sight lines and great friends!
Meenakshi is down to 7 summits left. And Marianne’s pup, Ruby, bagged her 44th as well. Looks like we’ll be attending the 4,000 club awards ceremony in April to pick up a human and a puppy patch!
You can catch all our photos here:

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