Bizarre Snacks: Derailed by life

Howdy aficionados of odd edibles! Bizarre Snacks is gearing up for a series on odd canned drinks, and is using this week to research and recover from life, which has been getting in the way lately. We already have a couple great drinks lined up from Taiwan and Singapore and are looking for more. Also, since it occurred to us that not everyone who enjoys Bizarre Snacks is from New England, we’ll do an installment on the most bizarre drink of them all: Moxie! let us know if you know of any unusual canned drinks you’d like us to taste. Until next week, keep on eating!

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2 Responses to Bizarre Snacks: Derailed by life

  1. I'm not sure where you find all these obscure sources of nourishment and thirst quenching but it sure proves for interesting reading! Please keep them coming

  2. Thanks Dude!
    We're fortunate to be in an area where most of this stuff is readily available. My process tends to be just walking into an ethnic grocery and buying the stuff that has the craziest looking labels 🙂

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