Bizarre Snacks: Nectar of the guava

So, the storyline goes a little like this: In Kathmandu, Meenakshi’s aunt had a guava tree in her backyard, where Meena would pick fresh guava off the vine to eat. Dan, on the other hand, thought a guava was a fish.
So there you go.
Imagine Dan’s surprise then, upon discovering a can of Guava juice from Panama at the local Building 19 for 79 cents. Ok, first, if you don’t know what Building 19 is, you are missing out and perhaps we’ll do a whole entry on the place under the heading Bizarre Shopping. Second, Dan stood there puzzled for a long time trying to figure out how they managed to squeeze juice out of a fish.
Once Meena explained that a guava was a fruit that looked like an pear on the outside and a watermelon on the inside, it had to become our first selection for our series on Bizarre Canned Snack Drinks.
Our particular can of 11.2 ounces of Guava Nectar Light was produced by Del Prado, a 50 year old company that specializes in putting all types of fruits in cans and juice boxes. Pretty much if they can get their hands on a fruit, they have made canned juice out of it. They even make ketchup, BBQ sauce and marmalade!
Like usual, we went straight to the website, but were slightly disappointed to discover a professional, fairly well organized and thought out website. You can see for yourself here:

One particular bit of oddness is that the company mascot appears to be some kind of blue raccoon. We’re unsure of how this raccoon relates to the juice but here’s a picture of it lording, Godzilla-like, over a group of Panamanian children.

Anyway, at 79 cents the price couldn’t be beat. We could not find an image anywhere of the can we bought, leading us to conclude that we may have either picked up a version designed for the North American market, or because it’s Building 19, the can could be decades old.
It’s marketed as “light” and true to its word, one can is a slight 60 calories with a surprisingly low sugar count, only 15g. The drink is pulpy, which could account for the 15g of carbs. Guava is known as a super fruit though, and the canned drink bears that out, offering 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.
How’s it taste? Well, if you’re Meena who’s been eating the fruit straight up since she was a kid, pretty meh. Like orange juice can never beat fresh oranges, poor guava nectar just could knock out that tree in her aunt’s backyard.
Dan however, thought it was pretty tasty. Because it’s pulpy, you do not want to drink it warm, and he added some ice to water down the sweetness a little. The drink is thick though, so if you’re looking for a smooth liquid, look elsewhere.  
As a trail option, this is tricky. It would need to be very cold, so a nice mountain stream in the spring would be an ideal fridge. For summer though, keep it in the ice box at home!
As an aside, Dan was thrilled to hear that in October, he’ll be able to visit that guava tree from Meena’s childhood.

All manner of fruit is turned into juice by Del Prado!

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