Some catching up to do

Greenleaf Hut, a nice place for a wedding!

With the first party in Buffalo only a month away now, and full blown renovations going on to the tenant unit below us, life is starting to feel pretty full. We’ll do a separate post on the before and after renovations a little later.
For now, a quick wedding plans update. On Sunday, Dan hiked up to Greenleaf Hut to chat with George the hutmaster about logistics for the upcoming Mt. Lafayette ceremony hike. Incredibly, more than 20 of our clearly insane friends and family have decided to take the hike with us. So, with such a large party to herd up to the summit, some planning is in order.
Dan has started a weekly “newsletter” email to keep the intrepid hikers up to date and to coax them through prep for the hike. The hutmaster reassured him that celebrations of all kinds happen up there and accommodating the wedding party should be fine. If weather goes sideways on us and we can’t make it to the summit, we’ll have the ceremony at the hut. And given that it’s Labor Day weekend, we’re sure to get a mighty big crowd!
We will break the wedding hikers into a couple teams and phase the hike starts to make sure everyone gets to the hut at the same time, then will push for the summit as a unit. Everyone will get some kind of bandanna for identification to each other.
With a little luck and the proper planning, this will be a positive day to remember for all involved!
On other wedding fronts, the Buffalo get-together is nearly set, thanks to the work of Dan’s sister. The menu is Polish (of course) and we’ll celebrate Dan’s nephew’s 2nd birthday as well.
Meenakshi has worked hard on the Whitefield reception the day after the hike. Tents and supplies are ordered, meal planning is underway and parking and overnight staying logistics are being hashed out.
Our airfare is booked for Nepal and also to get us to Lukla for our trek. So, no turning back now!
All in all, things are proceeding according to plan. It’s been a challenge, but we’re getting there!

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2 Responses to Some catching up to do

  1. What an awesome venue! Looks well perched up in the mountains! What views you'll get from up there.

  2. Thanks dude! It will be a day to remember for sure. Why don't you hop over the pond and join us? I'll give you a tour 🙂

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