Wedding ceremony dress rehearsal fun!

Our chapel atop Mt. Lafayette, picture perfect spot for the ceremony!

On Sunday, we decided to do a “dry run” as it were, and head all the way up to My. Lafayette to check out the hut, the route up, and the summit. We don’t want any surprises on Sept. 5, and figured it would be helpful to refamiliarize ourselves with the trail.
As it turns out, more than 20 of our friends and relatives have decided to make this trek with us! We didn’t think that many people liked us enough to do this. Ha!
Anyway, the people in the “wedding party” come from all different levels of ability and experience. After taking our time and looking over all aspects of the Old Bridal Path, we decided we’ll break the party into three groups – slower, moderate and those with tons of experience who will serve as floaters and message carriers on the way up. The slower group will head up at 7 a.m., moderate group at 7:30 and floaters as needed. We’ll all remeet at Greenleaf Hut and see how everybody feels and what the weather is doing. Then, we’ll either go up as a full team, or if things are not 100% we’ll have the ceremony at the hut – also a fine place to have a wedding!
It’s going to be a complicated, but exciting and amazing day!

Dan pauses on the shoulder of Mt. Lafayette, Greenleaf Hut in the foreground, Cannon Mountain in the distance.

Anyway, on Sunday, the weather was absolutely perfect. We don’t remember such ideal conditions. mid-60s above treeline, enough breeze to make the day bug-less some occasional clouds to keep the sun from being too direct. Stunning views in every direction, from Maine to Vermont. Just the best.
We managed to get to the hut in under two hours and the summit in about 3. We figure that will translate to 5 hours on wedding day. The first two miles is pretty easy. That last stretch of the trail before the hut, what the hut croo calls the Agonies, may prove difficult for some. We’ll have to take it nice and easy.

The Agonies beckon! This group of small ups and downs will be tricky.

Once up at the summit – which was crowded on this fabulous day – we decided to continue on and do the famous Franconia Ridge loop over to Mt. Lincoln then down the Falling Water Trail. We felt happy and strong and made a whole glorious afternoon out of being in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!
Here’s a link to our full album of the day:

The Franconia Ridge, one of the grandest walks in the world. Who wouldn’t want these views for their wedding?
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6 Responses to Wedding ceremony dress rehearsal fun!

  1. Guys, that is idylic!

    Have a great time!

  2. Thanks Dude! It'll be a blast!

  3. Karl says:

    Awesome photo album. There are some amazing shots in there. Especially at the summit.

    Looks like you had a great “rehearsal” day and I'm sure the actual day will be even better. As “The Weekend Dude” said…idylic!


  4. Hi Karl! We had good light, and with views like that it's hard to take bad pictures, LOL! Thanks so much for your support!

  5. I love hiking, but I don't know if I have the courage to hike up to that point. Although it looks like once you have reached the summit you are on a fairly simple trail. Is that true or did you feel like you were about to fall off either side? 🙂

  6. Hi Feet!
    Lafayette isn't that shear at the summit really, it just looks like it drops away. The trail itself is simple, meaning not hard to follow. It's hard steep though!

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