Tremendous hike to Owl’s Head Mtn. ends in that good kind of sore!

The Owl’s Head team poses at the summit after a long, hard effort. Note the summit stone Neil is holding that reads “The Summit” Congrats to Eileen, Chris, Marianne, Meenakshi, Neil, and of course Ruby. Also, by the way, thank you PicStick for inventing such a cool device to allow us to take photos like this!

A twelve hour hike through four rivers and one long challenging slide ended with a successful summit by the whole team and great cheer all around on Saturday. It also ended with sore feet and aching backs – but in a good way! This was number 42 for Meenakshi. Also, incidently, number 100 on Dan’s quest for the White Mountain Grid!
Other memorable accomplishments included pup Ruby’s 46th summit. Two more and Ruby will earn her 4,000 footer puppy patch!
We’ll post a photo trail report later, after a little more sleep! Congratulations to the whole team, you earned this one!

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