It’s time: 9 months of planning, 120 posts, thousands of photos, countless wierd snacks and many new friends later, our journey is about to begin!

 One of our finest moments so far!

Dear friends,
When we started this new phase of our life 9 months ago, we admit to having no clue where it would take us. The idea of keeping a blog/diary/journal (whatever you’d like to cal it) was foreign to us and, frankly, we weren’t sure if it would be a waste of time or not.
It wasn’t.
Since January, we made new friends, became closer to old friends, learned about ourselves and our abilities, tried new food and new trails, and used this simple little digital island to urge each other into shape, into health and into an exciting future. There have been victories and failures along the way, par for the course we suppose.
And we have been surprised and grateful for all of your support. More than 50 of you joined on to follow, and many, many more of you have read along and cheered us on. Many of you have even taken part in our walks, runs, hikes, eating and planning.
Thank you all so much! You have added extra meaning and joy to this journey!
And now, the time is upon us. This weekend, we travel to Buffalo for the send off party that will bring our families together for the first time, where we will celebrate how far we’ve come and how exciting our future will be.
Meenakshi’s parents will fly in from Chicago to meet Dan’s dad, and many of Dan’s old friends will be on hand as well. Dan’s sister, Andrea, has worked hard and opened her home to share this occasion and it will be a memorable way to start our eventual path to Kala Patthar, and beyond. Consider Buffalo the Trailhead!
We’ve given a fair amount of thought to how we will communicate and update our progress to all of you while we’re on the road. We’ll try to update this blog as often as possible, but it seems like for the short reports Facebook will be the quickest method.
So, if you are a follower of this blog, thank you and keep tuning in. If you’d like faster turn around, friend Dan on Facebook for short/fast updates. Particularly in Buffalo or on our climb up Lafayette, Dan will be using his Blackberry for updates and Facebook will be the most reliable info source. In Nepal, who knows, we’ll figure that out later!
We have added a Facebook link to this site, you can find it under the Follower box. Check in there, friend Dan, and you’re all set. Let us know here if you’re having issues getting through, as you need a degree in Quantum Physics to understand Facebook’s privacy settings.
We leave in three days, so our posts for the next few weeks will be dedicated to the upcoming events. Thanks for listening and….  off we go!
D & M

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5 Responses to It’s time: 9 months of planning, 120 posts, thousands of photos, countless wierd snacks and many new friends later, our journey is about to begin!

  1. Karl says:

    Congrats guys, on this next phase. I'll be keeping a close watch on here and FB for updates!


  2. Thanks for your support Karl! Perhaps our paths will cross some time in the Whites!
    D & M

  3. Mary says:

    Whoooo Hooooo! Have a great time! Off to friend Dan now..

  4. It's been a great read guys, best of luck for your trip, can't wait to read how you go.

    Take great care and most of all – have the times of your lives

  5. Thanks Mary and Dude! You both keep writing too!

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