The trail to the rest of our lives began with great fun in Buffalo!

Andrea shows off the wonderful cakes she baked for the party!

It began in the finest, most memorable way – surrounded by our closest family and friends.
On Saturday, Aug. 21, we traveled to Buffalo to kick off this wedding tour with a day-long party at Dan’s sister’s home. The tribes descended in an outpouring of well wishes and good cheer.
To continue the analogy we’ve been using since this whole crazy train left the station…. Buffalo was our Trailhead. This journey was destined to begin in Buffalo. Dan formally proposed over Thanksgiving 2009 in the Albright Knox Museum of Art. (Amazingly, Meenakshi said yes.) And we were off to plan this journey. Now, nine months later, surrounded by those that meant so much to us, the planning was behind us, and we stepped onto the trail to Mt. Lafayette, to Whitefield, to Nepal, to Kala Patthar, to Chicago, then to the rest of our lives.
Meenakshi’s parents flew in from Chicago to make the joining of our families official. Dan’s adopted mom, Rita (Mrs. S), was there lend hugs and support. Andrea planned and organized an outstanding celebration, complete with massive and delicious cakes. And of course, the reason for the party, Dan’s dad, who was able to sit back and bathe in the glow of his elder status, like he deserves and like he was given by all who were there.
It was the first time in many years all Dan’s cousins and their whole families were together. Many from the family of Dan’s brother-in-law, John, were on hand to extend welcome to the new family. And even some from Andrea’s new family of step-siblings joined us as well. And finally, of course, some of Dan and Andrea’s oldest friends made the journey.
We were thankful for all our blessings and ate Polish food, and drank Canadian beer, and even celebrated Dan’s nephew Max’s 2nd birthday!
Here’s a link to all our many, many photos from the event:
Wherever we will go, wherever this trail leads us, our family is our backbone. To have them there with us as we begin this Life Trek gave us strength and determination greater than we could have imagined. As we move forward, we’ll take this weekend with us and draw on the support of those who helped us celebrate.
Thank you all, and we can’t wait to explore the future!
Dan and Meenakshi

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3 Responses to The trail to the rest of our lives began with great fun in Buffalo!

  1. Peter Noonan says:

    Wonderfully said, Dan … congrats on the new beginning! (love the photo: sister, cake, vinyl tablecloth, boombox and stack o'firewood).

  2. Thanks man! It's been wild! Yeah, it's like Life Magazine from the 50s or something 🙂

  3. anniem says:

    Those are beautiful cakes. Now I need to have a snack just from looking at them!

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