A week to recover, a week to prepare

Well, it’s been a busy week here in Lake Wobe—- er, we mean Manchester.
Haven’t had a chance to blog much, due mainly to the whirlwind of preparations that are in full swing for next weekend’s Whitefield ceremony hike and reception.
So, we’ll keep this short..
Dan spent 5 hours in surgery Friday, getting his choppers looking all spiffy and nice for the wedding. Came out great, but being drugged up for 48 hours is tough on anybody. Finally beginning to feel better by Saturday morning, and upon finishing this post will walk (because they won’t let me get behind the wheel yet) down to Veterans Park where Meena is putting on People Fest, Manchester yearly cultural diversity fair.
Tomorrow we finish the renovations to the lower floor of the house, then get ready for the lead up to Whitefield.
Anyway, that’s it for now. We’ll have some pics as we go, but this week is the one we’ve been waiting for. Thanks to all who helped us get this far, and stay tuned!

Only one photo today, but it’s the one that matters! Here’s M in City Hall Tuesday filling out the marriage certificate. Dum, dum, daaaa! Dan told her it was for a Macy’s card.

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