Epic, just epic!

Atop Mt. Lafayette, our journey ends and begins! Thank you Alan, for the photo!

There is so much to say, so much to write about. Our epic wedding weekend behind us, we turn our attention now to Nepal. In the days ahead, I’ll have weekend reports and posts galore about the most spectacular weekend of our lives. And the pictures! Of my, there are so, so many. We don’t even know where to begin. It may take us a little while to put all of that together.
For now though, thank you to all those who joined us atop Mt. Lafayette, all those who celebrated with us in Whitefield, all those who couldn’t be with us but cheered us on and gave us encouragement, all those who have passed who we remember and honor.
Now, our Wedding Tour goes international. Look out Nepal, here we come!

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5 Responses to Epic, just epic!

  1. Karl says:

    Awesome guys. Congrats!!! And have fun on the your next journey to Nepal!

    (BTW – The summit photo above is awesome!)


  2. Thanks Karl, it was an amazing day! Hope we can hike together some day, I enjoy your blog very much!

  3. Chris Dailey says:

    Congrats Dan and Meena!

    Hope you guys have an awesome time and a great adventure in Nepal!


  4. Jim says:

    Congrats Dan & Meena, see you in Kathmandu !!

  5. Thanks Chris and Jim! We love the support!

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