Important milestone reached with Mt. Cabot summit!

Meena walks triumphantly through the celebration arch created by Dan and Peter at the summit of Mt. Cabot, her 48th 4,000 footer! Thanks for the picture, Neil Lovett.    

With all the excitement of the wedding, and with only one week to go before we leave for Nepal, it’s worth mentioning that on Sept. 19 at around 1 p.m. Meenakshi set foot on the summit of Mt. Cabot, completing her quest to summit all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000 foot mountains!
The summit came after a two weekend marathon that amounted to nearly 50 miles of hiking to check off the last 6 summits on her list. For the final hike, our friends Neil, David, Marianne and Peter honored us with their company. And Ruby the wonder dog also completed her 48er quest, arriving at the summit seconds before Meena.
The summit was immediately followed by a hardy picnic of cheese (Cabot of course), pepperoni, crackers, trail mix and lemonade.
Thank you, thank you, to all who supported her on this quest. It was wonderful to finish! Now, on to Nepal!

Meena celebrates at the true summit of Mt. Cabot with Ruby the wonder dog!

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4 Responses to Important milestone reached with Mt. Cabot summit!

  1. Karl says:

    Awesome accomplishment. Congrats…you guys have certainly had a busy few weeks…and I'm sure it gets busier as you get closer to Nepal!


  2. Mary says:

    Wow..your summits have trees! Congratulations! That's a lot of peaks.

  3. Thanks Karl and Mary! You're next Karl, can't wait to celebrate your finish. And Mary, yup, about half the 48 are wooded summits! Though during the winter they are more fun cause you can get above the trees!

  4. Neil-e's Day says:

    Great day!!! Meena's beautiful smile says it all

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