The Moose on New Year’s Day

Team effort: The New Year’s Eve team move down the slope of Mt. Moosilauke.

Dan and Meenakshi took a break from The Nepal Chronicles this week to tackle 4,802 foot Mt. Moosilauke in our annual New Year’s Day hike! What a great day it was. Temps in the 40s, mild conditions even at the summit. And in typical D and M wedding style, the clouds and mist cleared up as the team arrived up top and we had great views.
Our team of six included Peter, Marianne, Leah, Kevin and of course Ruby the wonder dog.
It was a far cry from last year’s Mt. Major expedition where bitter cold temps and wind chill in the -30 range forced the team off the summit quick!
It was so warm today, the Carriage Road Trail on the ridge was actually slushy, conditions you might find in springtime.
Anyway, we’ll be back with Chapter 6 on Thursday, Jan. 6.
Until then, here’s some New Year’s Day pictures to enjoy! For more, go to our Phanfare site at: The Moose.

Summit mist: Meena chills at the summit.
Into the mist: Peter and Dan on the way up.
From the summit: Overcast but beautiful skies over South Peak.
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3 Responses to The Moose on New Year’s Day

  1. Karl says:

    Great pictures Dan! Looks like you guys had great temperatures and I love the murky clouds. How was the wind out of the west??? Typical “push you over” wind for Moosilauke?


  2. Hi Karl!
    Wind wasn't too bad this time around, more if a springtime mist or rain actually. Very odd for this time of year, snow on the trail, but just slush up high. He were able to spend about a half hour up there.

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