Shameless self promotion Thursday

Well, it’s been a busy week in Manchester, our home town. Though we were ready to dive into the continuation of The Nepal Chronicles, another project got in the way. So, since we don’t have a new Chapter to present, we thought we’d use this blog to shamelessly self-promote our newest time killer.
M and D are organizing what we believe to be the first ever Bollywood film festival in New Hampshire.
It’s called the New England Classic Bollywood Film Festival and it will take place on Sat. April 30 at the Wilton Town Hall Theatre. The Wilton is a beautiful old art house theater in the southern part of the state that holds all sorts of crazy festivals, silent film showings and art films. Many thanks in advance to Dennis at the Wilton for being game to try this nutty idea.
We’ll be showing Mother India (1957), a classic in world cinema and Caravan (1971) a true Bollywood song and dance adventure. There will also be some video tributes. And the India Palace Restaurant will provide us with a yummy buffet! The whole thing for only $9!
If you are a follower and you are local, please stop by! If you are not local, now’s a great time to visit New England. Here’s some links for more information!
Our web site for the festival:
Here’s the link to Wilton Town Hall Theatre:
We have a Facebook page as well. Search Facebook for New England Classic Bollywood Film Festival.
See you there and thanks for indulging!

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