Hiking 48 in 30 for a cause

Welcome everyone! This year, Meena and myself will attempt a new quest, this time slightly closer to home than last year’s massive Everest Base Camp Trek – but just as worthy, and difficult.  This year, in September, we’ll be hiking for a cause.

Manchester’s Holy Cross Family Learning Center is a non-profit whose volunteers teach ESL to immigrants and refugees trying to build a new life for themselves in New Hampshire.

In September, I’ll attempt to hike to the summit of all 48 4,000-footers in the White Mountains to raise money and awareness for the Learning Center.

The rules are simple: tag each summit according to the principles set forth by the AMC; do it on my own power, go up then come down. Ridge traverses count. Trams, cars and bikes do not. I’ll have 30 days to do it. With Meena’s car spot and logistical support, I’m sure I can accomplish this goal!

And we hope you can help: click on the Hiking for a Cause tab here or above to find out how!

I hope to update our quest every day during September, and we’ll have occasional posts here leading up the Sept. 1 when we begin, so stay tuned and thanks for the help and support!


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