Latest story on Campaign in Laconia Daily Sun

Dan and Neil at the summit of Mt. Washington on Aug. 17. Neil will be joining Dan for several hikes in September.

Many thanks to Adam Drapcho of the Laconia Daily Sun for our first full length story on the September 48 Campaign! The story came out in Saturday’s edition, Aug. 20. It’s not a pull out story on the web site, but anyone can read it by clicking on the full paper link and scrolling to page 14-15. Here’s a link to the story but we’re not sure how long this link will be good so read it now while you can:

The general link for the Sun is:

The story features Dan and Meena, but also Dan’s hiking partner Neil Lovett because Neil lives in Gilford, and was a good local angle for Adam. Neil will be hiking to several of the summits with Dan. The story also featured the recent shot of Dan and Neil at the summit of Mt. Washington.

There is one humorous typo; the story mentions that Dan will attempt to scale 32 summits in the first five-day weekend! 32! Wishful thinking, certainly, but the actual number we hope will be 22!

Thanks again Adam and the Laconia Daily Sun!

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