A nice surprise from the Governor

We were excited to receive this nice certificate in the mail from Gov. John Lynch. Thanks Gov, we'll do ya proud!

The September 48 Campaign was pleased and surprised to receive a hefty honor in the mail yesterday from the state’s main Executive.

Gov. John Lynch gave us a nice citation for our upcoming effort! Thanks Gov.!

Congrats to Sister Jackie for giving us the inspiration to even make this effort!

Stay tuned! When we learn more about road and trail closures, we’ll post our itinerary. One way or another, we’re going to give this a go, even if it means putting in some extra miles to avoid wash-outs and beat up trails. We’re only a couple of days away! Getting close!

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2 Responses to A nice surprise from the Governor

  1. Neil 48-4000 says:

    Politics is a lot like kindergarden sports, everybody gets a trophy… Finish up then you get the accolades!!! Just kidding very nice!!!!!!!!!!

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